What is the pricing structure and how affordable are the products?

The pricing structure is based on an upfront license fee and monthly support charges. The license fee can be paid all at once or through one of our attractive monthly payment options. The return on investment to you will depend on 1) your dedication to using the system to its maximum potential and 2) the modules you purchase. For example, the Sub Prime Module and Inventory Module can pay for themselves in as little as one month where the CRM Module will take a little longer because of the continual, ‘soft-sell’ nature of the functionality.

No matter which modules you decide to purchase, all of them are competitively priced and are guaranteed by Saturn V Software to increase your operational efficiency and profits. We are also one of the few software companies which sells the license for the software modules to you instead of charging am unlimited license fee, which further decreases your cost of ownership. Please contact us for additional pricing information.