Saturn V Software Systems is a leading provider of financial, inventory, customer and dealership management software to the retail automobile and recreational industries. We appreciate you stopping by and look forward to sharing our success stories with you and adding you to our growing list of customers.

Have you ever had to defend a different price on your web site than what’s on the window sticker? 

Do you wish your departments had better communication between them?

Are you struggling to keep your web site updated with inventory and pricing?

Are you tired of your Internet leads cooling off before you contact them?

Do you want more revenue from secondary finance and used car leasing deals?

Do you want more repeat customers?

Do you want a competitive edge?

If so, you should take a serious look at the benefits of our software. The Saturn V line of software is based on a Unified Data Model that synchronizes every department (including the Internet) to enable your dealership to provide consumers consistent, accurate information regardless of their buying channel.

Our Unified Data Model synchronizes and maximizes the following for the benefit of your staff and your consumers:

-Secondary finance credit qualification, processing and deal selection

-New and used leasing

-Inventory valuation, tracking, planning and control

-Complete F&I automation including forms and contract preparation

-Showroom and internet customer lead generation, tracking and follow up

-Customer loyalty campaign for increased referrals and repeat purchases

-Portfolio management for dealerships holding part or all of their loan contracts

-Marketing campaign and direct mail management creation, tracking and control

-Complete historical trend reporting and analysis for accurate planning and forecasting

You will find more information about the design and functionality of the Unified Data Model and how it will increase your revenue and streamline your operations without changing the way you conduct business. We also have a complete walk through and online demonstration available if you require more information

We appreciate your interest in Saturn V Software and look forward to working with you.