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Questions About our Master Mind Software Modules

What is the Unified Data Model and why was it designed?2018-07-16T15:45:10-04:00

What is the Unified Data Model and why was it designed?

The Unified Data Model is the supporting platform for the Master Mind software modules which enables consistent, accurate information across all consumer buying channels to increase intra-dealership communication, consumer confidence and satisfaction, operational efficiency and revenue maximization. The system was designed this way to empower dealerships to service their consumers regardless of the buying channel. The Internet has changed the buying process and we enable the dealership to adapt to these changes without restructuring the internal processes in which they are familiar.

What modules are available and how will they help my dealership?2018-07-16T15:45:53-04:00

What modules are available and how will they help my dealership?

The Unified Data Model consists of nine separate modules with varying functionality focused on increasing dealership operations, revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Customer Relationship Module increases customer loyalty; the Internet Module synchronizes your web site (and third party lead sources) for consistent information across electronic buying channels; the Sub Prime Module empowers you to maximize revenues on less than perfect credit; the Leasing Module increases your new and used leasing volume and profits; the Finance Module simplifies deal structure and delivery and expedites funding; the Inventory Module maximizes your inventory control and valuation; the Portfolio Management Module automates and streamlines your buy-here-pay-here operations; the Direct Mail Module decreases the costs associated with marketing campaigns and the Accounting Module increases the back-end operations of smaller dealerships.

All of the modules in the Unified Data Model were designed from the dealership’s view. Therefore, they are very intuitive to the daily activities of a retail automobile dealership. The software replaces the manually intensive process most dealership are held captive to without changing the way the dealership personnel has been conducting business for years. Humans are creatures of habit and resist change even if it will improve their situation. We understand this mindset and have developed the software to not only maximize dealership operations but to do so in a way the reflects the minimum amount of change.

Why is the design of the Unified Data Model a competitive advantage for you as a software supplier and us as a dealership?2018-07-16T15:46:55-04:00

Why is the design of the Unified Data Model a competitive advantage for you as a software supplier and us as a dealership?

The Unified Data Model, and the philosophy behind its design, has allowed Saturn V to offer software products that are more than just overblown calculators. Our products are integrated throughout the entire dealership which enables the consistent flow of accurate information to all dealership staff and consumers across all human and electronic buying channels. This not only increases the dealership’s ability to service their customers but decreases the associated overhead and increases profits. There are many competitors offering ‘niche’ products which offer partial solutions to a dealership’s complete challenges. The Saturn V software line has benefited through the input of our customers, the changes in the marketplace and our internal vision to continue to provide the most complete and intuitive software for retail automobile dealerships.

The Unified Data Model synchronizes your customer, inventory and lender information across all dealership departments and consumer buying channels for real-time access regardless of the point of interaction. When you trade for a car, the car is immediately available to your sales staff and Internet customers. When you advertise a sale event, your specified pricing appears on the Internet and automatically expires after the event to avoid confusion and embarrassing situations. Your customers can perform self pre-qualification on your web site regardless of their credit situation and search by payment budget for loans or leases. There is more information available on the each module in our products section

Can we purchase the modules separately or do we have to buy all of them?2018-07-16T15:47:35-04:00

Can we purchase the modules separately or do we have to buy all of them?

The modules are designed to grow with your business without sacrificing functionality because of the support provided by the Unified Data Model. What this means is if you are seeking a solution for just sub prime finance at this point, you can purchase the Sub Prime Module and add additional modules later and still have all of the benefits of the Unified Data Model provides. We understand the changing needs of retail automobile dealerships and allow you to mix and match any of the modules because they are stand-alone but completely scalable to support your needs at a future time.

We have other service providers and products. How does the UDM work with these?2018-07-16T15:48:22-04:00

We have other service providers and products. How does the UDM work with these?

The Unified Data Model and its inclusive modules are designed to interact with most other software products. We have built the software on an ‘open database structure’ which allows for easy customization of integration between other systems. Bi-directional transfer of data between the UDM and back-end accounting systems is the most frequent request and this can be accomplished either at initial installation or at a later date. There is a one time set up fee for the design and integration and the fee depends on the level of integration you desire.

As far as other systems, these can be evaluated on an individual basis. The costs associated with the integration should be considered along with the usefulness of the functionality to the dealership. The UDM modules may render the other system obsolete and this should be considered. We are not looking to replace every service provider and third party system you may be using but the nature of expanding your ability to service your customers and increase efficiency may eliminate the need for redundant systems or services.

What is the pricing structure and how affordable are the products?2018-07-16T15:49:30-04:00

What is the pricing structure and how affordable are the products?

The pricing structure is based on an upfront license fee and monthly support charges. The license fee can be paid all at once or through one of our attractive monthly payment options. The return on investment to you will depend on 1) your dedication to using the system to its maximum potential and 2) the modules you purchase. For example, the Sub Prime Module and Inventory Module can pay for themselves in as little as one month where the CRM Module will take a little longer because of the continual, ‘soft-sell’ nature of the functionality.

No matter which modules you decide to purchase, all of them are competitively priced and are guaranteed by Saturn V Software to increase your operational efficiency and profits. We are also one of the few software companies which sells the license for the software modules to you instead of charging am unlimited license fee, which further decreases your cost of ownership. Please contact us for additional pricing information.

What is required to install the software and train my staff and how long does it take?2018-07-16T15:50:23-04:00

What is required to install the software and train my staff and how long does it take?

The Unified Data Model modules are Windows based and require a PC for each user of the software. The minimum requirements for the hardware specifications are a 650MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, a 4GB hard drive, a CD ROM drive, 56KB fax modem and a 17″ monitor. This configuration can be purchased at almost any electronic or computer store for less than $800. In order to print the plain paper and impact forms, an inkjet/LaserJet and dot matrix printer are also required. We prefer the HP LaserJet 1100 because of it’s quality and affordability and the OkiData 320ML impact printer for its durability and affordability. The Direct Mail module requires a color inkjet printer instead of the LaserJet for the multi-color letters and we suggest the Epson 962 for efficient ink usage and fast printing speed. All of these printers are priced less than $500 at most major computer stores. If you wish, Saturn V can procure and configure the hardware for you prior to the software installation.

The installation consists of installing the licensed software on each user machine and then performing some back-end integration between the machines to insure the consistent flow of information between departments. If additional integration is to be performed to other systems (like an accounting system), we will need to access these systems. A typical installation takes a few hours and in not intrusive to the dealership’s operations.

Because the modules of the Unified Data Model as so intuitive to the processes of a dealership, the adoption time is far more expedient than competing products. We conduct on-site training which requires only a few hours of uninterrupted time as compared to at least a week of off site training for competing packages. We understand dealership personnel are valuable every single day and we have designed the software to be utilized within minutes of installation. This process further increases your return on investment. Please contact us to discuss your particular installation needs.

Where can we request more information?2018-07-16T15:44:29-04:00

You may fill out a request for more documentation or an online demonstration, a contact form, email us directly, call us, or stop by for a visit. We also have outstanding references from dealers and lending sources for your review. We look forward to enabling your dealership to maximize its operations, profits and customer satisfaction. Thank you for your interest.

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