Direct Mail Module

Marketing through direct mail has been a mainstay business practice for several years as a method of delivering targeted messages to a certain demographic set of consumers. The main impediment to conducting a continuous direct mail campaign is the cost associated with traditional direct mail marketing companies. Therefore, most dealerships abandon the campaign after less than desired results instead on continuing the program to increase the results.

The Direct Mail Module was created to eliminate the high costs associated with external print shops and list services while providing a flexible method of selecting prospects and the message being delivered. Instead of purchasing a one-time mailing, dealerships can purchase a list and continually market to this desired consumer group at a fraction of the cost of even one traditional direct mail campaign and then refresh the list when needed. Dealerships can purchase the lists from Saturn V or any source they choose.

The Direct Mail Module provides the ability to sort and sub-sort the prospective buyers for personalized service and, through the Unified Data Model, dealerships offer more choices to the consumer. For example, a dealer can advertise Internet specials to consumers and manage the response through the electronic channel. This mailing can be sorted by aging inventory and selected prospects and the entire campaign can be printed and mailed the same day. The dealer has now advertised real inventory information and provided multiple response choices for the consumer.

The module comes with pre-built letters and the dealer has the ability to custom develop a letter for specific events. The module prints all letters, envelops and mailing labels on a regular printer and regular paper which further decreases the cost of the campaign without sacrificing quality.

The Direct Mail Module is supported by the Unified Data Model and works in conjunction with the CRM/CSI Module as well as the other modules to integrate the information throughout all buying channels for maximum dealership efficiency and customer satisfaction.

You may request more information about the Direct Mail Module or contact us directly for personalized attention.