We have other service providers and products. How does the UDM work with these?

The Unified Data Model and its inclusive modules are designed to interact with most other software products. We have built the software on an ‘open database structure’ which allows for easy customization of integration between other systems. Bi-directional transfer of data between the UDM and back-end accounting systems is the most frequent request and this can be accomplished either at initial installation or at a later date. There is a one time set up fee for the design and integration and the fee depends on the level of integration you desire.

As far as other systems, these can be evaluated on an individual basis. The costs associated with the integration should be considered along with the usefulness of the functionality to the dealership. The UDM modules may render the other system obsolete and this should be considered. We are not looking to replace every service provider and third party system you may be using but the nature of expanding your ability to service your customers and increase efficiency may eliminate the need for redundant systems or services.