What is required to install the software and train my staff and how long does it take?

The Unified Data Model modules are Windows based and require a PC for each user of the software. The minimum requirements for the hardware specifications are a 650MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, a 4GB hard drive, a CD ROM drive, 56KB fax modem and a 17″ monitor. This configuration can be purchased at almost any electronic or computer store for less than $800. In order to print the plain paper and impact forms, an inkjet/LaserJet and dot matrix printer are also required. We prefer the HP LaserJet 1100 because of it’s quality and affordability and the OkiData 320ML impact printer for its durability and affordability. The Direct Mail module requires a color inkjet printer instead of the LaserJet for the multi-color letters and we suggest the Epson 962 for efficient ink usage and fast printing speed. All of these printers are priced less than $500 at most major computer stores. If you wish, Saturn V can procure and configure the hardware for you prior to the software installation.

The installation consists of installing the licensed software on each user machine and then performing some back-end integration between the machines to insure the consistent flow of information between departments. If additional integration is to be performed to other systems (like an accounting system), we will need to access these systems. A typical installation takes a few hours and in not intrusive to the dealership’s operations.

Because the modules of the Unified Data Model as so intuitive to the processes of a dealership, the adoption time is far more expedient than competing products. We conduct on-site training which requires only a few hours of uninterrupted time as compared to at least a week of off site training for competing packages. We understand dealership personnel are valuable every single day and we have designed the software to be utilized within minutes of installation. This process further increases your return on investment. Please contact us to discuss your particular installation needs.