What modules are available and how will they help my dealership?

The Unified Data Model consists of nine separate modules with varying functionality focused on increasing dealership operations, revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Customer Relationship Module increases customer loyalty; the Internet Module synchronizes your web site (and third party lead sources) for consistent information across electronic buying channels; the Sub Prime Module empowers you to maximize revenues on less than perfect credit; the Leasing Module increases your new and used leasing volume and profits; the Finance Module simplifies deal structure and delivery and expedites funding; the Inventory Module maximizes your inventory control and valuation; the Portfolio Management Module automates and streamlines your buy-here-pay-here operations; the Direct Mail Module decreases the costs associated with marketing campaigns and the Accounting Module increases the back-end operations of smaller dealerships.

All of the modules in the Unified Data Model were designed from the dealership’s view. Therefore, they are very intuitive to the daily activities of a retail automobile dealership. The software replaces the manually intensive process most dealership are held captive to without changing the way the dealership personnel has been conducting business for years. Humans are creatures of habit and resist change even if it will improve their situation. We understand this mindset and have developed the software to not only maximize dealership operations but to do so in a way the reflects the minimum amount of change.