Customer Relationship Management Module

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, has been somewhat of an afterthought with retail automobile dealerships but with the increases in consumer demands, shrinking profit margins and competitive pressures from newly formed ‘mega-dealerships’ with national branding power, the neighborhood dealership can no longer count on the loyalty of the community for survival. Dealerships that proactively rediscover the many years of customer information they have and manage these relationships to the best needs of their customer will once again find their referrals and repeat buyers increase to levels that defy historic trends.

So what does it take to manage a customer relationship past the point of the initial Customer Satisfaction Index rating to increase the revenue from the parts and service department and insure the dealership is the first (and only) stop when it’s time to purchase again? It’s very simple. The dealership needs to know their customer, their past, current and future situation, their likes and dislikes and their needs and wishes. Once this is established, targeted information, pertaining to each consumer can be created and directed for the maximum benefit of the dealership and the consumer. The dealership that knows to sell a mother of two infants a van or SUV is better off than the one trying to sell her a two-seater sports car. The CRM Module empowers a dealership to identify buyers before they enter the showroom.

The CRM Module handles the entire customer relationship automatically and is based on logical business rules specific to the retail automobile dealership industry and their consumers. The business rules are easily customized to fit every dealer’s goals. This approach not only simplifies the process of relationship management but executes to the dealer’s benefit of maximized efficiency, revenue and profit while increasing customer satisfaction and confidence.

The CRM Module assists a dealer in resurrecting past customer relationships and applies logical trend analysis to consumer segments and develop a consistent relationship campaign specifically designed for each consumer profile. The CRM Module automates processes such as pre-sales leads and advertising, sales and delivery satisfaction, post-sales follow up, automatic reminders of service events, continual post sales surveying and timely tickler events automatically created based on previous purchase and current situation. The CRM Module handles the entire process automatically and provides the dealer detailed reporting and analysis of the campaign’s effectiveness.

Through the Unified Data Model platform, the CRM Module quickly integrates information from additional modules and utilizes this information for future campaigns. The ability to synchronize information across all consumer buying channels, evaluate the information and proactively distribute to pertinent customers and prospects increases the dealership’s ability to service consumers to their needs while increasing operational efficiency and revenue.

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