Finance Module

The Master Mind Finance Module simplifies the deal structuring and expedites the delivery process. With built in functions to control multiple payment structures and print every form and contract necessary for funding and registration of the vehicle, the Finance Module enables dealerships to maximize their cash flow and simplify operations.

The Finance Module automatically calculates all aspects of the deal and provides a running deal recap for front, back and total deal profit. The Finance Module also enables multiple payment structures (weekly, bi-weekly, balloon, etc.) and payment comparisons between loans and leases. The payment rollback feature enables a dealer to quickly see the impact on profit and quick quote functions by rate, payment or vehicle allow the dealer to evaluate every scenario quickly, accurately and from the same screen. The Finance Module prints forms and contracts (most on plain paper) which are state and lender specific and the dealers standard ‘Sold Pack’ is printed with one click. This not only expedites the delivery process, it speeds the funding time and decreases the costs associated with purchasing expensive, pre-printed forms.

Supported by Master Mind’s Unified Data Model which provides seamless integration of information throughout the dealership, the Finance Module benefits from this platform design by receiving accurate, complete deal information from the Customer Module which eliminates double entry of information and increases customer satisfaction during the sales process. The Finance Module stores the entire deal structure (including commissions) for use in the Portfolio Management Module, the Accounting Module or transfer to other dealership accounting and payroll systems. The Finance Module will even enable a dealer to add the consumer’s trade to inventory with one click. This further maximizes the Unified Data Model as the consumer’s trade information is posted for the sales force and Internet consumers and is available for purchase immediately.

Other vendors providing finance worksheets are limited by their inability to integrate the customer, lender and inventory information to the extent of Saturn V’s Unified Data Model. The advantage Saturn V enjoys is the ability to seamlessly integrate the multiple departments of a retail dealership with consistent, accurate information provided to the staff and the consumer. This not only increases the consumer’s confidence and satisfaction, it maximizes the dealership’s revenue and streamlines operations.

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